Can Ducks Eat Dill? (Benefits & Facts)

can ducks eat dill

Ducks can eat dill, yes. All parts are safe for them to consume. Dill is packed with a wide range of nutrients and is low in calories. However, you should only feed your ducks dill in moderation.

Is Dill Safe for Ducks?

Dill is a common ingredient in cuisines from Europe and Asia. You can easily identify it by its slim stem, feather-like leaves, and oval flat seeds. Like other herbs, it can be planted almost anywhere and grows fast.

Dill is safe for ducks to eat. The stem, leaves, and seeds won’t cause them any harm if they ingest them.

Dill has loads of nutrients that would benefit your ducks. It contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

It’s worth noting that despite the many benefits that this herb provides, you should only feed it to your feathered friends in small quantities.

Dill doesn’t have all the nutrients that your ducks need. About 90% of their diet should come from commercial feeds which are formulated to meet their dietary requirements.

I’ve heard of duck owners who have experienced a change in the taste of eggs their hens laid after excessively feeding them herbs. Though I haven’t found any scientific evidence to prove it.

Health Benefits of Dill to Ducks

Dill is rich in nutrients that have positive effects on your flock’s health. Here are some benefits that your birds will enjoy when they consume this herb:

Prevention of cell damage – Dill contains antioxidants that help protect your duck’s cells from being destroyed by free radicals.

Protection from bacteria – Dill has antibacterial attributes meaning that it helps your ducks fight off harmful bacteria and strengthens their immune system.

Improving bone health and egg quality – Dill contains calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium which help your ducks in developing strong bones. As you already know, calcium is also key in ensuring your ducks lay healthy eggs.

Aiding digestion – Ducks aren’t choosy when it comes to food and as such, they’re prone to digestive issues. Dill helps relieve some of those issues in addition to making their appetite better.

Improving respiratory health – When your birds ingest dill, they’re able to breathe better. This benefit is particularly useful in winter when your ducks are likely to have a bit of trouble breathing.

How to Feed Dill to Ducks

You can use various methods to feed dill to your ducks.

The first is you can chop up fresh dill and then mix it with their feed or other vegetables. It’s worth keeping in mind that it may contain pesticides and particles that may harm your ducks. So, ensure you wash it thoroughly before cutting it up finely to feed your flock.

The second is you can dry the dill and then hang them in your ducks’ nesting boxes. This will ensure your laying ducks can access it easily.

What Other Herbs Can Ducks Eat?

Other than Dill, common herbs that duck owners feed their flock include:

  • Mint
  • Oregano
  • Cilantro
  • Parsley
  • Basil

Summary – Can Ducks Eat Dill?

Every part of dill is fine for ducks to eat. Most ducks like consuming it and it offers a variety of positive health benefits to them.

I’d recommend feeding your birds this herb in moderation to prevent them from having any health issues.