Can Ducks Eat Oregano? (Yes, Benefits Explained)

can ducks eat oregano

Yes, ducks can eat oregano in moderation. It’s a natural antibiotic and contains a good amount of antioxidants. You can feed them both dry and fresh oregano without causing them harm.

Is Oregano Safe for Ducks?

Oregano, like most herbs, is sweet-smelling and can be found in almost every corner of the earth. It’s originally from Europe and you can’t miss it in most Italian dishes. Its ability to grow fast and in almost any environment makes it a favorite for many gardeners (even beginners).

Oregano leaves and stems are safe for your ducks to eat. There’s no evidence to suggest that they have any toxic elements that may harm your birds.

In fact, oregano is loaded with several nutrients that will do your waterfowl a lot of good.

It’s worth noting that you should not feed this herb to your ducks in large quantities. They also need other nutrients that can only be obtained from their feed. A general rule of thumb is that around 90% of their diet should come from their commercial feed.

Health Benefits of Oregano to ducks

According to Healthline, Oregano offers the following health benefits to ducks (and us):

Natural Antibiotic – Oregano contains a good deal of carvacrol, a compound that helps prevent the growth of various kinds of bacteria. Your ducks will have some form of protection from severe bacterial infections like Fowl Cholera.

Antifungal – This herb also contains a compound called thymol that helps protect your ducks from fungal infections like Coccidiosis.

Antioxidant – Rosmarinic acid, an ingredient in oregano, is a natural antioxidant that prevents your bird’s cells from being destroyed by free radicals.

Generally, oregano will help boost your ducks’ immune systems and offer them protection from a variety of common poultry diseases.

Do Ducks Like Eating Oregano?

There’s no absolute answer to this question. I’ve asked a number of duck owners about their experiences with regard to feeding oregano to their birds and their responses were varied.

It does seem that some ducks like eating oregano while others don’t. Some ducks hate it and will show no interest while others like it to the point of having some fun consuming it. Either way, you shouldn’t be concerned because ducks have their own preferences and tastes.

How to Feed Ducks Oregano

If you have store-bought oregano, remember to give them a quick wash. They may have pesticide residues that may harm your ducks.

Also, if you have planted your own oregano in your garden, it doesn’t hurt to clean them as a precaution.

Feeding your ducks oregano is easy and you can use the following methods:

The first is you can chop up fresh oregano into small pieces and feed it to them as a snack.

The second is you can add dry oregano to their water and feed. At least it will give them a change from regular plain water and feed.

The third is you can hang some in the duck run. Ducks love pecking around and will gladly peck at them.

What Other Herbs are Good for Ducks?

If you have other herbs in your garden, it’s good to check whether they’re safe for ducks to eat. Here are common herbs that are also good for ducks to eat:

  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Parsley
  • Dill
  • Thyme

Summary – Can Ducks Eat Oregano?

Oregano is fine for ducks to eat. It’s great for your birds from a scientific standpoint. Some ducks like oregano while others dislike it. It’s up to you to try feeding it to them to see whether they like it or not.