Can Ducks Eat Parsley? (Risks and Benefits)

can ducks eat parsley

Ducks can eat parsley, yes. Parsley contains various nutrients that are beneficial to ducks. However, it should be fed in moderation because too much can lead to skin damage and other health issues.

Is it Safe to Feed Parsley to Ducks?

Yes, Parsley is safe for ducks. Parsley is a natural herb fed to animals, including ducks. Parsley is safe to provide to ducks since it helps boost their health and resist respiratory diseases. Though it’s safe for ducks, excess use of Parsley can be harmful to ducks due to its high concentration of oxalate content. Therefore, the consumption of a limited amount of Parsley by ducks is safe.

Is Parsley Healthy for Ducks?

Yes, it’s healthy for ducks. When some ducks are left to free-range in an open area with Parsley, they will seek it out and eat it. Other than reducing hunger for ducks, Parsley has great health effects on ducks.

Parsley contains vitamin K, which helps in blood clotting. Ducks that feed on Parsley may recover fast after minor injuries and they do not bleed a lot. Parsley is also a diuretic that helps the ducks in excretion.

Parsley can be used as an additive to duck feeds. Dry Parsley also helps to boost ducks’ body weight and increase egg production.

Parsley also has adverse health effects. Consumption in large amounts may cause photosensitization, meaning the ducks may be sensitive to excess light, leading to skin damage.

Can Baby Ducks Eat Parsley?

Yes, baby ducks can eat Parsley. Parsley has a lot of nutrition and medicinal advantage, boosting their immunity. Parsley can prevent them from being affected by respiratory diseases, and foster their growth since it has minerals that may boost the growth of bones. As ducks do not chew food, you can cut Parsley into small pieces before feeding baby ducks to avoid them being choked by large pieces.

Do Ducks Like Eating Parsley?

Yes, some ducks like Parsley. Parsley has a strong taste. Some ducks like the strong taste because when left free, they seek it on their own, meaning that they like it; otherwise, how can they seek something they dislike?

This may also depend on the state of the Parsley. Most ducks like Parsley when it’s green compared to when it’s dry.

Other ducks dislike the strong taste of Parsley, and you find that even when it is given to them, they don’t eat it.

Therefore, the love of Parsley may vary from one duck to another; some like it while others hate it.

How to Feed Parsley to Ducks

Ducks can seek out Parsley in the field when free, but they should be observed or allowed for a limited amount of time to prevent them from consuming excess Parsley. You can also pick Parsley from the field and bring it to them.

Parsley can also be used as a feed additive for duck food; therefore, they can take Parsley along with other meals.

In the case of baby ducks, you can cut Parsley into small pieces before feeding them, but mature ducks can handle it on their own.

What Herbs Can Ducks Eat?

Other than Parsley, several different herbs are healthy for consumption by ducks. They are listed below:


Antibacterial: Bacteria in ducks can lead to ducks’ illness and even death. So, dill helps in the deactivation of bacterial multiplication within the body of the duck. Once bacteria are suppressed, it improves the immunity of ducks.

Stimulation of ducks’ appetite: This increases the consumption rate of ducks hence avoiding malnutrition.

Promotes feather growth: Feather growth can be stimulated through feeding ducks’ dills; in instances where the ducks have experienced feather loss and during maturation.


Improves duck digestion: Helps relieve problems arising from indigestion cases, increasing the consumption and absorption of nutrients.

Improves egg quality: When added as a supplement to duck feeds, especially to laying ducks, improves egg production and quality.


Antibacterial: Oregano is widely known to suppress and fight bacteria such as E. coli, Coccidiosis Salmonella, and Avian flu. Oregano can be administered in the form of oil, fresh or dried.


Improves egg production: Improves the egg-laying habits of ducks, especially when the calcium levels are low. When low, it reduces egg production and the thinness of the shell, which might lead to egg breakages.


Antibacterial: Essential against harmful bacteria and infections like E. coli.

Final Thoughts

Parsley is good and healthy for ducks since it has minerals and vitamins. It boosts their immunity to help them fight some diseases and also increases their growth and production rate.

Though Parsley has many advantages, its administration should be monitored since excess consumption may adversely affect the ducks.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages; therefore, you can consider Parsley as a good herb for ducks.