Do Ducks Eat Flowers? (and Should You Worry?)

do ducks eat flowers

Ducks eat flowers, yes. There are many nutritional benefits that they could obtain from flowers. However, you should only feed ducks edible flowers like rose petals as toxic ones could lead to health complications for them.

What Flowers Can Ducks Eat?

You can feed your duck almost any type of fresh, edible flower. Ducks eat rose petals, clovers, lavender, hibiscus, marigold, and nasturtium among others. Some people even give their pet ducks dandelions. Ducks love eating weeds and other plants that grow around them.

What Flowers do Ducks Like to Eat?

Ducks love eating water lilies, which are easy to find at your local pond or lake. If you’re looking for plants that will attract ducks then look no further than water lilies. These plants are easy to grow and feed hungry ducks all summer long. If you want your ducks to be happy and healthy, then you need a way of finding those tasty water lilies they enjoy so much.

What Flowers do Ducks Not Eat?

Rhododendrons, yew, and wisteria because they cause harm to ducks. These three plants are toxic to ducks and other wildlife. They cause liver failure if ingested by birds or mammals. Although these plants may seem harmless, even the seeds of rhododendrons are poisonous.

Are Flowers Healthy for Ducks?

Flowers are healthy for your ducks. They contain compounds that benefit the immunity of your ducks hence impacting their health positively. Flowers contain:

  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is helpful to a duck’s health as it aids in boosting immunity. With good immunity, your duck has fewer chances of getting sick. Vitamin C is found in flowers such as roses and wild violets.
  • Vitamin A and phytocompounds: These are known to treat the skin of ducks. They also help with issues in the respiratory, reduce inflammation along with anxiety and improve blood circulation. They are found in flowers such as wild violets, squash blossom, borage, and calendula.
  • Iron: Flowers such as squash blossom contain iron which improves growth performance in ducks and reduces stress in the birds.

Can Baby Ducks Eat Flowers?

Yes, they can. It turns out that ducklings especially enjoy the taste of pansies, dandelions, and other colorful blossoms. You can plant a small flower garden for them or place some potted plants nearby so the little ones can feed with ease.

How to Feed Flowers to Ducks

Feeding flowers to ducks is one of the most enjoyable things you can do. Ducks prefer to have fresh flowers. They consume various parts of the flowers. Mostly, they feed on petals and flower stalks. A duck can directly feed on the flowers straight from the flowering plant but this may destroy the plant.

You should scoop the petals and the stalks from the flowering plant, place them in a net and feed them to your ducks. This will save the flower garden from an invasion that may destroy the plants.

How to Keep Ducks From Eating Flowers

Ducks can be a big problem for gardeners. They destroy the garden and bring a lot of disorderly formats to the flowers. There are several ways to keep ducks away from your flowers, which are affordable and that do not harm the birds.

  • Scarecrow: If you want to grow beautiful flowers, then you need to protect them from ducks. A scarecrow will keep those ducks out of your yard and away from your plants so that you can enjoy a beautiful garden with blossoming flowers.  You can get this scarecrow on Amazon at a great price.
  • A simple fence: It keeps them out without any harmful chemicals or other workarounds. It’s easy enough for anyone who can use basic hand tools. You’ll be able to enjoy your garden again in no time!
  • A motion-activated sprinkler: Place the sprinkler above the area where you want to keep them out. This will scare them away without any harm done. Consider getting this automatic sprinkler on Amazon.

What Other Plants Can Ducks Eat?

Ducks can also eat the following plants:

  • Cauliflower
  • Dandelion greens
  • Peppers
  • Spinach
  • Lettuces
  • Peas
  • Corn

Final Thoughts

Flowers are attractive to your home and they are also a healthy meal for your ducks. They contain good compounds which are an advantage to your birds. Ducks also enjoy eating flowers. You can find a good balance to benefit both you and the ducks by using the proper methods to feed them such as scooping the flowers for them. This will conserve the look of your garden.