Do ducks fly in the rain? (Easy Explanation + Hunting Tips)

do ducks fly in the rain

Ducks can fly excellently in the rain, and hence rainy weather is referred to as ‘ducky weather.’ However, the amount of rainfall influences the flying ability of ducks; light rain and swift wind are the ideal weather conditions for duck flying, while extremely heavy rainfall makes ducks look for shelter and hence don’t fly.

Where do ducks go when it rains?

Ducks love rain more than ponds, and they enjoy rainwater more than swimming in ponds. However, heavy rainfall accompanied by thunderstorms and lightning may scare away ducks; hence they look for safer hiding places.

As a beginner duck hunter, practicing your hunting activities in rainy weather with swift winds is advisable. This is the time when ducks enjoy flying low hence easy to target and shoot.

However, when rainfall is too heavy with strong winds, ducks don’t stay in their ponds and don’t fly as well. Instead, they look for shelter till the weather is conducive for them.

Do ducks love rain?

Duck no longer stay in their ponds when there is rain, they fly and enjoy the wonderful showers. This is a clear indicator of their love for rain. The reason behind ducks’ moving out of their ponds when there is rainfall is the availability of insects and larvae, which are ducks’ food.

However, heavy rainfall is not the best for young ducks that have not fully developed feathers, and this is because they cannot fly or swim.

Different people have come up with theories explaining the backbone for ducks’ love of rainfall. Some theories argue that ducks don’t love rainfall, but they move out of their ponds when there is rainfall to avoid being submerged, and that is why they go back to their ponds as soon as there is no more rainfall.

What is the influence of weather on duck hunting?

It is important to understand weather patterns and how they influence ducks’ migration to get the best out of your duck hunting.

Freezing water

Extreme low temperatures are a bane to a duck hunter, and this is because most parts of the lakes may be covered by ice, and therefore ducks move to remaining areas covered by water. In such freezing conditions, when most water bodies are covered by ice, it also makes it difficult for boats to navigate.

Clear sky

When the sky is clear and high temperatures, it becomes too hard for ducks hunters to harvest out of their activities. It isn’t easy to camouflage in a clear sky where everything is quite visible, with movement and clear shadow.

If the weather persists for several days, ducks also learn the hunting tactics; hence, they can escape the hunters’ traps.


This is the best weather for duck hunting as the birds are out of their ponds and fly up the sky, giving hunters a clear view and a target for a perfect shot. In this kind of weather, hunters can camouflage in dark boats, hence not easily noticeable by flying ducks.

Tips for hunting in the rain

Ducky weather simply means weather conditions dominated by rain showers and swift winds. It is in this type of weather ducks can fly swiftly, hence making it a harvest season for duck hunters.

Duck hunters can camouflage in dark boats when there is rainfall hence not easily seen by the flying ducks. Therefore, during this kind of weather, you can have more birds in your basket with the help of the following tips.

Learn the ducks’ migration patterns

It is important to learn the direction ducks follow when it rains and when the wind blows, their hiding places in times of heavy storms, and their behavior when the sky is clear. Understanding the ducks’ migration patterns will help hunters strategize themselves properly, making it easy to hunt, especially during the rainy season.

Invest in good hunting gear

Duck hunting is quite easy when the weather is appropriate with rain and swift winds. It is during this season when you can manage to camouflage in dark boats with the help of wearing the appropriate gear. Remember, you should protect yourselves from rain by wearing waterproof jackets and shoes.

A pair of binoculars is also important for a clear view of a foggy day. Consider getting these binoculars on Amazon:

Forecast the weather of the day

It is a rainy condition that is most appropriate for duck hunting when ducks fly freely. Therefore, it is important to forecast the weather condition of the day you want to go out hunting. If the day is likely to be rainy, go ahead and plan for hunting, but if the day will be stormy, hold on and wait for an appropriate day.

Be on the blind ground

During a rainy day, ducks like flying up in the sky, giving duck hunters a clear view for shooting. For a perfect shot, every hunter should ensure they are on a blind ground where ducks cannot easily see them.

Final Thoughts

With all other factors held constant, the best weather for ducks is the rainy weather when ducks move out of their ponds and fly freely in the air as they enjoy the wonderful showers.

However, it is also the most unfortunate time for the ducks as it is in this kind of weather when duck hunters easily kill them.