How Smart are Ducks? (What You Need to Know!)

are ducks smart

Ducks are smart in a way that they can be trained to learn and obey. If tamed well by their name, they respond or react to the names. They are smart in a way that they can remember and differentiate people. Ducks can even know when doing wrong as you can see them looking around to see if there is anybody nearby before they sneak into the human pool. Once they hear any sound like someone opening the door or coming, they quickly take off from the swimming pool.

Do Ducks Remember Humans?

Yes, ducks are smart such that they can remember humans even by their faces. For example, ducks can recognize someone who has fed them. Like if you visit the wild ducks and take some care, like providing them with food or feeding them for several moments at a regular time, your face will stick to the brains of these ducks.

Even if you change clothes, when you come near them, they will always gather around you. But if someone else passes near them, you will see them staying away from them.

Ducks are smart in a way they will remember humans who could show behaviors of gaming them. If you ever chased ducks, they will fly or move away when you come near them.

Can Ducks Learn Their Names?

Yes, ducks can learn their names. They are smart birds that can be easily trained to obey and respond to some actions. Their intelligence can help them learn their names. They can’t spell or write their names, but they can respond to them.

For them to learn their names, they need proper taming. Obviously, it’s hard to react well to something that they’ve never heard. This means they should be fed with their names from the start of their growth to adulthood.

Are Ducks Smarter than Chickens?

Both ducks and chickens are smart, but ducks are far smarter and more pleasant than chickens. In other words, ducks have more personality than chickens. Ducklings will imprint on humans while chickens will not. For instance, if a human is the first and only organism bigger than the duckling around when matched, the suckling will follow the person as if they are their mother. Moreover, a duck brought up near humans is likely to learn to recognize its owners’ faces.

However, duck owners shouldn’t allow male ducks to imprint because adult males become hostile and cocky with no fear for human beings. Ducks, to some extent, outdo even the smarter animal species in specific aspects of complex reasoning.

Ducks can sometimes be seen to behave like humans; for instance, if they want to sneak into your home pool, they will first confirm that you are not in sight before getting into it. This implies that they are aware that they are not supposed to be in the human pool. Moreover, they are smart at escaping, if you find them in your pool, they are likely to get out as soon as you get there.

Are Ducks More Intelligent than Humans?

While some people praise ducks for their uttermost smartness and their personality than other bird species, ducks aren’t smarter than humans. Some may argue that some people are less intelligent than ducks, while some may say the contrary.

But generally, humans are known to be the most intelligent beings, and no animals or birds can compete with them; therefore, ducks can never be more intelligent than humans. However, these birds are intelligent and can easily recognize their human friends’ faces and differentiate some of their voices.

Are All Ducks Smart?

While ducks are smart, some are smarter and more intelligent than others. Just like human beings, some ducks are intelligent while others are dumb.

The mottled duck is said to be the most intelligent one of all ducks. They like being isolated, and introverted, and are great thinkers. These ducks rarely act on the initial pass as they are always skeptical of anything they come across.

Some researchers suggest that the Pekin duck is the smartest of all ducks. They are free rangers and love spending much of their time swimming in the pool and finding bugs.

Do Ducks Recognize Their Owners?

There is no clear indication or proof that ducks can recognize their owners, although they have a smart brain that keeps information for a long time. Their intelligence is enough for them to remember the people they used to know or see most.

They are more intact on imprinting with people, animals, or objects they have grown with. You can own ducks but once you take them under a caretaker, they will naturally recognize the caregiver more than you, the owner.

Summary – How Smart Are Ducks?

Of course, ducks are smart, but this should not mean they can do everything on their own, especially if you decide to keep them. If you choose them to be pets, it means you have separated them from their ordinal nature, and you need to pay more attention to them. They need water nearby and a calm environment, or a conducive one. Their health should be considered as well and not forgetting their shelter.