21 Must-Haves for Duck Owners (Easy Checklist)

must-have for duck owners

As a duck owner, there are several items that you need to have. These will ensure that you provide the best care for your ducks. It will also contribute to an easier time caring for your ducks since the tools and equipment will make your work more efficient.

If you need to upgrade your current duck care tool-set, the arsenal outlined below will be of much help to you. It will make your ducks more comfortable, and they will grow healthier as a result.


When you have a feeder for your ducks, they will spend less time looking around for food. Their foraging will be greatly reduced when they have a centralized means of obtaining food.

Feeders are a regular food source for your ducks, and your ducks will be able to save energy. The feeders can easily be located whenever the duck needs food, thus ensuring that they are well fed.

One of the best duck feeders is the Royal Rooster Duck Poultry Feeder. It features a rain cover and has a good capacity for keeping your ducks well fed. You can find it on Amazon through this link.

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Water is a critical resource for all types of ducks and one of the secrets to good health. Keeping your ducks well-watered means that they will be able to keep themselves clean in addition to properly managing their body temperature when there is high heat.

Ducks are known to be high water consumers, and providing them with enough water is a must. A waterer with a huge capacity is recommended since it will reduce the number of times you will need to refill it.

It will also ensure that your ducks get enough water which will keep them healthy. There are automatic options for waterers which automatically refill the waterer. A good example is the Royal Rooster Automatic Waterer, which can be found at this link.

Duck Diapers and Harness

This might sound completely new to you, but it is a reality. They can prove helpful when you have a sick duck and take it to the veterinary. Ducks poop a lot, and maintaining cleanliness requires having a duck diaper. With a duck diaper and harness, you will be able to adequately care for babies born with special needs such as crossed beaks and other physical deformities.

You can find the best reusable diaper here.

They are a lifesaver for your ducklings and will even help form a special bond with them. If you love your duck, you will do everything possible to ensure that they are comfortable. This means having the right diaper and harness for the job.

The diaper harness is used to hold the duck in place and lets you take care of your duck more conveniently. Moving around while you have the duck harness is easy, and you get a better experience giving care to your duck.

You can find the best diaper harness here.

Duck Shoes

These are known to serve several purposes:-

  • They help to keep out moisture
  • They provide cushioning for your duck’s feet
  • They help prevent slippages.
  • If your duck has a bandage, the shoes keep the bandage properly secured against the foot
  • A duck that is recovering from bumblefoot will require shoes that keep its feet protected.

One good example of a pair of protective duck shoes can be found on Amazon through this link.


Ducks need to stay in a cozy place, and during winter, protection from the cold is a necessity. The feet of your duck should not be getting in direct contact with their waste since this can lead to infections.

With proper bedding, the ducks have a cozy place to stay in, and their feet will also be protected from their waste. Right bedding also makes the duck coop easier to manage and clean, which is a plus for you. There are many options for duck bedding such as:-

  • Chopped leaves
  • Hay or straw
  • Wood shavings

After they have been used, the duck bedding can also be used as mulch for your garden, which is very important for growing plants.


When they are still young, your ducklings can be very exciting to take care of. They require sufficient heat while they are still young, and this can be made possible by using a heater. The heater is also useful for the cold winter months since it keeps them warmer.

The choice of heater usually depends on the number of ducks you are keeping and the space where you intend to install it.

A good heater for your ducks is the Magicfly Chicken Coop Heater, which can be found on Amazon using this link.

Duck carrier

When you need to transport your ducks, a duck carrier will be very useful for you. It is intended to make transporting your ducks easier and more organized.

The carrier should be easy to carry and comfortable for you. It should also handle the weight of the duck without tiring you out, which means that an ergonomic design is ideal.

You can find the best duck carrier here.

Nesting Boxes

Laying eggs and hatching them requires a structure where your ducks can comfortably live without interference or disturbance from the outside. A nesting box is a structure that has been designed for easier hatching for your ducks.

It is comfortable for the duck to sit in and move around a bit but does not allow for roaming. It is important to start with a decoy when you have a nesting box for the ducks to lay their eggs in. The decoy will attract your ducks to the nesting box, where they will sit quietly and lay eggs (You can read more on nesting boxes here).

Here’s the nesting box I recommend.

Coops and Runs

Ducks need enough space to live in, and the right choice of coops and runs contributes to this. When you have spacious coops and runs, your ducks will have more than enough space to grow and develop in. they will be able to play for many hours and even forage for food on their own.

An important factor for the development of ducks is the space available to them. With a good choice of coops and runs, you can easily achieve this.

The runs are also intended to keep your ducks safe away from all predators that might try to get to them or their eggs. When you keep the run properly protected, your ducks will get to live in peace.

A good example is the Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor with a built-in nesting box, which you can find here.


Decoys are all that you need when you need to provide an incentive to your duck. For instance, ceramic eggs can encourage the ducks to lay eggs, while a kiddie pool will ensure that they have that playful habit stirred in them.

Various toys can also be spread out across their runs to ensure that they live in peace and an environment conducive to their growth. The proper placement and arrangement of such toys can have a powerful effect on your ducks and how they behave.

Typical examples of duck toys that you can have are stuffed treat balls which keep the duck actively engaged. Ducks are also attracted to shiny things, and mirror toys will make their environment a lot easier for them. There are also swings for ducks which are a lot of fun for them, and rope toys you can hang around their run.


If the breed of duck you keep does not like to sit on their eggs until they are hatched, you have the challenge to take care of. Incubators are an ideal way to get your eggs hatched.

The use of an incubator ensures that you have ducklings ready at the perfect time and developed under the right set of conditions. The use of incubators also means that you can produce more ducklings simultaneously, which contributes to a bigger flock.

Here’s the incubator for duck eggs that I recommend.

Pond Accessories

The cleanliness of your pond is determined by the accessories that you have in place. When you have a pond liner and filter in place, you will control the water quality in the pond.

A pond pump also ensures that you can easily pump water out of your duck pond more conveniently. Filling up your pond is also much easier when you have a duck pond.

The use of pond accessories also means that your pond will be easier to run and manage. You’ll have an easier time cleaning your pond and maintaining it when you have all the accessories.

You can find these accessories here.


A fence is a critical requirement for your ducks. When they have the right kind of fencing, raccoons will not be able to get into the run and take off with ducklings in their mouths.

Safety is important for your ducks, and you can enforce this by installing the correct type of fence around your ducks. The fence should be small enough to deter predators that can stretch out their arms to try and drag off a duckling.


The right kind of food for your ducks is important at all stages of their life. The choice of food that you make will usually depend on what ducks you are rearing. The ducklings, for instance, will require a different type of food compared to the mature ducks.

With the best food for your laying ducks, you will get the best quality of eggs without a problem. Food quality is important, and your selection of food for your ducks matters.

First aid kit

The first aid kit might come in handy when you have an injured duck. With it, you can easily take care of the injuries and treat the duck in good time. The first aid kit should cover common injuries and symptoms of sickness that your duck might show.

Here are some great options to choose from.

Car seat covers

Several additional accessories will be required to keep your car clean when you intend to transport your ducks using your car. Car seat covers are important, and they ensure that your ducks do not make a mess in your vehicle.

Odor control measures are also important when you are transporting your ducks. It is important to be prepared by having the right accessories and equipment.

You can find the best products here.


As a farmer, you will need to have additional training and knowledge about raising ducks. These include useful tips and important best practices that will make your activities more efficient.

The books will also show you what you should expect in various duck growth and development stages. As such, you will be better prepared to take on all the changes and ensure that your ducks are given the attention deserving of them.

Becoming a better duck farmer takes time, patience, perseverance, and improving your knowledge base. A farmer’s guide is the best way to ensure that you are constantly sharp and know about rearing ducks.

Here’s a popular guide you can get.

Traveling food bowl

When you are traveling with your duck, they are likely to become carsick and vomit. As such, a traveling food bowl will be needed, and it will ensure that your duck is clean and safe at all times.

The traveling food bowl can also be used to water your duck when you are traveling. Ducks are known to require lots of water, and such a bowl will be very useful.

You can get the best collapsible bowls here.

Duck Sign

Signs are important when you need to make people aware of the presence of ducks nearby. For instance, if you are offloading many ducks at a go, you will need to place a sign nearby to alert others.

When people see that ducks are crossing, they will be more cautious as they drive. This will also keep your ducks safe from all kinds of hazards and disasters. The duck sign should always be placed somewhere it will be readable and visible to all.

You can find some great options here.


Taking the temperature readings of your ducks might be necessary at times. Whenever you need to know whether your ducks are healthy, you will need a thermometer to take measurements.

The thermometer is also useful for your ducklings and determines whether their surroundings are too hot or comfortable for them. Taking these measurements with a thermometer will also enable you to adjust the heat lamp’s heat and keep your ducklings in a cozy environment.

Here’s a good collection of cheap thermometers.

Duck Eggs Cartons

Last but not least significant must-have for duck owners; the egg cartons are totally useful. When you have enough cartons, you will not have to worry about packaging your eggs. You will have a safe way to store and transport your duck eggs.

Having a good supply of these cartons is also useful when selling eggs to different buyers. The cartons need to be of good quality and can comfortably accommodate the eggs that ducks are known to produce.

You can find a good selection of cheap cartons here.